Chinese real estate magnet Gordon Tang, who is based out of Singapore, is known for his smart decisions. While he started with international trade and corporate investments, he has been active in the real estate market of Singapore for a while now. He is now the Non-Executive Director of SingHaiyi group and has a controlling stake in holding company, Haiyi Holdings. His wife Mrs. Celine Tang is the Group Managing Director, while brother of former US president George Bush, Mr. Neil Bush serves as the Non-Executive Chairman. Today, SingHaiyi is known for its global investments. It completed a 500+ condo project in Singapore and plans a similar one in California, for which they have already acquired a big 204,300-sq ft freehold site.

Mr. Gordon Tang is focused on expanding real estate through SingHaiyi and he plans to acquire distressed properties, with the intention of developing more projects. He is also fully aware that SingHaiyi is seen as an offshore developer, but with strong partnerships and the kind of Asian capital that the group has access to, he believes that global domination isn’t hard. He also plans to retain his hold in Singapore it seems, as with his spouse, he continues to focus on individual and group investments.