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Expanding and exploring global real estate: How Gordon Tang is doing it!

Real estate investor Gordon Tang from Singapore is known for his work for the SingHaiyi Group. Mr. Tang and his wife Mrs. Celine Tang propelled in the limelight when they acquired controlling interest of 62.2% in the group. Before that, the Tangs were one of the respected names in Singapore real estate, where they had invested individually in assets, including condos and strata offices. Since 2012, Gordon Tang through his stake in holding company, Haiyi Holdings has been guiding SingHaiyi towards success. In such a short time, SingHaiyi has acquired considerable assets in Singapore, China, Malaysia and the US. In 2013 alone, the group had acquired two distressed assets in the US, and SingHaiyi also completed a 500+ condo project in Sengkang, Singapore.

The Tangs have been working on many projects, but their mode of operations has been all about effective networking, great partnerships and acquisitions of distressed assets. Mr. Tang has been extremely influential in the process and each of the decisions, and he continues to inspire his team to explore new markets. In fact, they have already acquired a 9% stake in Australia-listed Cromwell Property Group and have been studying European markets. Real estate slump and other concerns don’t seem to affect Mr. Tang.

Learning the tricks of real estate from Chinese tycoon Gordon Tang

Chinese real estate magnet Gordon Tang, who is based out of Singapore, is known for his smart decisions. While he started with international trade and corporate investments, he has been active in the real estate market of Singapore for a while now. He is now the Non-Executive Director of SingHaiyi group and has a controlling stake in holding company, Haiyi Holdings. His wife Mrs. Celine Tang is the Group Managing Director, while brother of former US president George Bush, Mr. Neil Bush serves as the Non-Executive Chairman. Today, SingHaiyi is known for its global investments. It completed a 500+ condo project in Singapore and plans a similar one in California, for which they have already acquired a big 204,300-sq ft freehold site.

Mr. Gordon Tang is focused on expanding real estate through SingHaiyi and he plans to acquire distressed properties, with the intention of developing more projects. He is also fully aware that SingHaiyi is seen as an offshore developer, but with strong partnerships and the kind of Asian capital that the group has access to, he believes that global domination isn’t hard. He also plans to retain his hold in Singapore it seems, as with his spouse, he continues to focus on individual and group investments.

Here’s a quick profile review of Chinese real estate magnet – Gordon Tang

Mr. Gordon Tang is a known name in Singapore. He is the Non-Executive Director of Singapore-listed SingHaiyi, which has been successfully acquiring properties in the US, Malaysia and China. Through strategic partnerships and stake acquisitions, Mr. Tang has been able to steer the group towards becoming a global entity. Among the major acquisitions is an office building – 5 Thomas Mellon Circle – in San Francisco Bay, California, which will be now converted and rebuilt into a 550-unit waterfront condo. Under his expertise and guidance, the company also completed The Vales, a 515+-unit executive condo project in Sengkang.

Gordon Tang has been focusing on international investments and with careful planning, most of the company ventures have been highly successful. He also intends to make more moves in other continents, including Europe and Australia.  Besides his work, he also serves as the President of Cambodia Sailing Federation and is an advisor to Windsurfing Association of Singapore. While he remains a non-executive director of SingHaiyi, he stills has a controlling stake via holding company, Haiyi Holdings. The group is further looking at investments and stakes in many real estate investment trusts, with an intention of expanding into new zones and acquiring further partners.

Taking challenges in global real estate with Gordon Tang

In a time when traditional investors are concerned about real estate fluctuations, Chinese tycoon Mr. Gordon Tang has been rewriting the rules. Gordon Tang is the Non-Executive Director of SingHaiyi Group, which has Mr. Neil Bush, brother of former US president George W Bush, as the Non-Executive Chairman. The association between Mr. Tang and Mr. Bush goes back to Oregon-based American Pacific International Capital (APIC), which specializes in acquiring and managing commercial real estate properties and assets. Under Mr. Tang’s able guidance, SingHaiyi Group, has completed some amazing projects in recent years. One of its first development projects – The Vales, which is 517-unit executive condo project in Sengkang – has been highly successful.

Mr. Tang and his team are focused on real estate acquisitions and asset enhancement, especially in markets where the trends haven’t been in favor. As a part of the process, the group had acquired Tri-County Mall in Greater Cincinnati at over 70% discount. In fact, with strong partnerships in Singapore, USA and Malaysia, Mr. Tang’s group is one of the first Singapore-based investors to find real estate success in the US. The group is already looking at European markets and plans to expand further in other parts of Asia.

Rethinking Global Real Estate With Investor Gordon Tang

Chinese tycoon and real estate investor Mr. Gordon Tang has come a long way since he first started with Tang Dynasty Pte Ltd in 1995. Initially, his ventures were focused on international trade, financial and corporate investments, but soon after, he entered the real estate industry. Along with Neil Bush, brother of former US present George R Bush, his wife Mrs. Celine Tang, and managing-director Mao Jinshan, Jason, Mr. Gordon Tang started the journey of SingHaiyi group. One of its first ventures The Values, which was a 500+ condo project in Sengkang, was sold off soon after launch.

Mr. Tang has incredible contacts, connections and partnerships in Singapore, USA and Malaysia, and with Mr Bush, their association goes long back with regards to Oregon-based American Pacific International Capital (APIC). APIC owns and manages many hotels in the US and beyond. Today, Mr. Tang is an investor with diverse portfolios, and his guidance and business acumen has taken the SingHaiyi group to new heights. The company has been investing extensively in real estate in the US and plans to expand to new territories soon. Mr. Tang also has other interests beyond his business and is the President of Cambodia Sailing Federation.

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